On the 18th of September, some friends and I (all are on the Mardi Gras webpage) had a party at their house.  Here are the pictures from it.

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From right to left, top to bottom;  Bill after he found out he has to pay a ticket for disturbing the peace.  A pict in the black light.  All the liquor for the shot block, and all the grain alcohol is in the trash can punch (see the last two picts).   The next three are of people at the party, the last on has Cassens showing off.   Next is another one at the party, then on to the pyramid of kegs and the melting shot block.  The next one is from the top of the shot block looking down on to the crowd.  The last two as stated early are all of us pouring the grain alcohol into the trash can, you could literally get drunk of the fumes.